Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Oh, patents! Radius Displays Coca-Cola® 3D billboard

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Has anyone seen the fascinating new Coca-Cola® 3D billboard in New York city's Times Square? Designed, fabricated and installed by Radius Displays, the Coca-Cola® 3D robotic display is the biggest 3D robotic display in the world A Radius Displays video of the formidable Coca Cola® billboard is included below.

The undulating wall effect of the display is a patented invention, recited in US2016133203 (A1), titled Display devices. The billboard comprises actuator assemblies with individually controllable LED screens. The assemblies, coupled with programmable modules for light and movement can move from a retracted state to a plurality of extended states (see the below patent drawing).

The abstract of the patent is included below, together with a patent drawing showing the retracting and extending assemblies of the display.
A display device includes an  base structure, a plurality of modules coupled to the base structure, where each of the modules include a plurality of actuator assemblies. Each of the actuator assemblies is individually controllable to move the actuator assemblies between a retracted state and a plurality of extended states. A controller is coupled to each of the modules and is programmed to control the actuator assemblies to move the actuator assemblies between the retracted state and the plurality of extended states.
Stay tuned! The Coca-Cola® 3D robotic billboard is a finalist for an Interactive Innovation Award at SXSW® ,2018 (South by South West ) Festival and Conferences, March 9 to 18, 2018.

Radius Display
SXSW® 2018

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