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Oh, patents! 3Doodler® pen

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Here is one fun and mighty pen! 

3Doodler® pens enable you to draw in 3D. The 3Doodler® pens extrude plastic filaments which harden fast enough for users to draw in 3D. The original 3Doodler® Create pens (see the first video) were designed for adult hobbyists, artists, and designers, whereas the 3Doodler® Start pens, equipped with special eco-friendly plastic that does not need too much heat to extrude, were designed for kids (8 years or older), and for use in educational settings for the development of spatial skills. However, the latest 3Doodler® Pro pens enable users to doodle with different materials such as wood composite, copper, bronze and polycarbonates. Thus, the latest series of 3Doodler® Pro pens actually target architects and professional designers, who also love to doodle, and who might be interested in doodling in mid-air. For example, see David Blau, filmmaker and animator, in the second video. 

The 3Doodle® pen invention is recited as a device in the domain of 3D printing, in the US patent application US20180009161A1, titled Hand-held three-dimensional drawing device. In contrast to 3D printers which require the use of a computer both to design the object that will be printed, and to control the extrusion of materials, 3D pens extrude materials for making a 3D object that is drawn by hand. The invention explicitly aims to support imagination and the exploration of 3D space, without technical engineering, design background, or training in the use of advanced software.  

The 3Doodler® pen also plugs into a socket for immediate use and offers tracing templates for various shapes to be used for building bigger objects. The 3Doodler® invention, in particular, provides users with control for adjusting the rate of extrusion, the heat of the extrusion, the direction of the filament extrusion and for starting and stopping the extrusion, all of which happens in a small enough space for the pen to be comfortably handheld.  

The Abstract for the 3Doodler® pen invention is included below, together with a patent drawing combining Figures 4 and 5, respectively showing a cross-sectional view of the 3Doodler® pen (Fig. 4), and a highlighted detail of the extrusion space, at the extruding tip of the pen (Fig. 5). 
A hand-held three-dimensional drawing device can include an anti-rotation mechanism that can restrict rotation of a filament moving through the device. The anti-rotation mechanism can have a filament-engaging component in a passage of the anti-rotation mechanism and positioned to engage and restrict rotation a filament extending through the passage. The drawing device can also include a moveable member to control an operation of the drawing device. The moveable member can include a rotatable control mechanism including a portion of an outer profile of a housing of the device. Finally, the drawing device can also include a cover member comprising a portion of an outer profile of housing of the device and positioned adjacent to an actuator to control an operation of the device. [Abstract US2018000916]

3Doodler® Pro
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