Friday, March 16, 2018

Oh, patents! Stefanka interactive fitting room

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Elizabeth Stefanka’s 3D fitting booths are hot in Montreal, Canada. These hi-tech fitting rooms, which look a bit like photo booths, target the retail apparel industry. The equipped booths scan your torso in 360 degrees as you swivel around on the stool inside the booth, analyze the captured volumetric 3D data, and return suggestions for purchase, including size, location and information about the items.

For women, the first hi-tech Stefanka fitting partnership was for bras, with Montreal lingerie stores, called La vie en rose. For men, the fitting was for shirts. Presto, pronto! No more searching blindly online without trying on, and no more trekking from one store to another to try everything on. Stefanka technology is currently installed in bricks-and-mortar booths. However, this technology is also envisioned to potentially operate online, using the computer’s camera.

Recognition and analysis of acquired volumetric body data is an invention, patented in the Canadian patent CA2946006, titled Method for dimensioning a region of interest of a person's body.  The invention specifically addresses the issue of standardization in apparel sizing, and the generally confusing size-to-fit inconsistencies. The abstract of the invention is included below, together with a 3D scanned image of a torso above.  
 A method for dimensioning a region of interest on a person's body is provided. The method includes the steps of receiving a model representing at least a portion of a person's body comprising the region of interest, segmenting the model to isolate the region of interest, by detecting a curvature in a surface of the model that satisfies a curvature condition, the surface corresponding to a curved surface of the model, and determining a volume of the region of interest, by calculating a summation of volumes between a focal point of the region of interest and the curved surface. The method can notably be useful for determining the dimensions of a bust area. [Abstract CA2946006]
La vie en rose

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