Monday, April 8, 2013

Oh, patents! Hoodies for your feet

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“Smile… Pass it on!” “They’re not shoes, they’re sandals… because your happiest days are always spent in sandals… 
because sandals are for backyards, beers and BBQs..."
Those are some of the messages you will read at, the website for shoes with a patented sandal construction…!
And, here is the abstract for these 'not-shoes but sandals' that will give your feet an endless summer, even when it’s snowing!
Footwear having a shoe upper and a sandal type sole are made from an upper having a lower marginal edge with a plurality of spaced fingers extending from the lower marginal edge, a foot bed having a peripheral edge and a plurality of spaced slots there through adjacent the peripheral edge and aligned respectively with the fingers, the fingers being extended through the slots and folded over onto the lower surface of the foot bed, an outsole secured to the lower surface of the foot bed and the folded portions of the fingers and securing the fingers between the foot bed and the outsole, and a structural arrangement for concealing from view the lower marginal edge and the fingers of the upper. A mid-sole is optionally provided between the foot bed and the outsole. A method of making the footwear is described. [US 2006196080]
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