Monday, April 29, 2013

Oh, patents! Waboba® Street Balls

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Wanna have mo’ ball fun! On land, on your urban turf! From the same Swedish inventor as the Waboba® water ball, Jan von Heland, comes a Waboba® Street Ball, designed for the concrete sprawl. This ball has just the right unpredictability in terms of bounce! Just for the fun of it! That is, the Street Ball’s bounce is not totally predictable like all the balls for games where the player scores to hit or catch the ball. And its bounce is not completely unpredictable like training balls designed to sharpen catching or hitting skills. Thus, somewhere in between the completely predictable and the completely erratic bounce, there is the Waboba® Street Ball bounce or PLAYING OBJECT HAVING A BOUNCE WITH LIMITED UNPREDICTABILITY.
The Waboba® Street Ball is a polyhedron divided into equal sized parts but whose different parts consist of protrusions of varying height. This regular, but uneven surface causes the ball to bounce unpredictably, but not in completely erratic ways. The patent offers 8 different protrusion configurations using the same calculations, and further offers detachable and movable protrusions enabling the user to re-set the unpredictability of the bounce by just snapping the protrusions into the core surface of the ball.
The marketed Waboba® Street Ball is the size of a handball, and it promises lots of concrete fun!

Abstract US2012071281

The present invention relates to a playing object (21) having a main surface (13, 14, 16) enclosing and provided around a center of gravity, said main surface being provided with elements (22) in a pattern around the center of gravity, where each element has an element surface extending away from the main surface. The playing object may be a polyhedron and some of the elements may have a different appearance than the majority of elements.


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