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Oh, patents! 2016 – EPO Award finalists - Vote here!

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The list of finalists for the 2016 European Patent Awards has just been published. And you are warmly invited to vote in the Popular Prize category for your favorite inventor!

The EPO polling rules for the Popular Prize are interesting in that you can cast a vote every day for your favorite inventor, up to May 31!

Awards are conferred to one of three finalists in the below-listed 5 categories of Industry, Research, Small and Medium Enterprises, Non-European Patent organization countries and lifetime Achievement.

The 15 finalists were selected by an International Jury of experts both on the scientific merits and socio-economic impact of the inventions. Anyone can nominate an inventor. The Jury selects from an EPO selected short-list of approximately 200 nominations (40 in each category). So the competition is quite tough!

The winners are awarded a trophy in the form of a sail symbolizing exploration, which is each year specially crafted in the country where the ceremony will take place. The award ceremony will take place this year Lisbon, Portugal on June 9th 2016!

Here is the line-up of nominated 2016 finalists.

  • Industry

Virna Cerne, Ombretta Polenghi (Italy)
Gluten substitutes from corn
Sample patent: EP2401920A1
Sample patent:  EP1304542B1
Sample patents: EP0998731, EP1617586B1

  • Research

Alim-Louis Benabid (France)
Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease
Sample patents: EP1682218, EP1932661
Sample patents: EP2235741, EP2059810
Sample patents: EP2171260B1

  • Small & Medium Enterprises

Arminas Ragauskas (Lithuania)
Ultrasound to safely measure brain pressure
Sample patents: EP1018942, EP2111787
Sample patents: EP1728290, EP2316558, EP 2305979
Helen Lee (United Kingdom, France)
Diagnostic kits for developing countries
Sample patents: EP13011627, EP1301628

  • Non-European Patent Organization countries

Robert Langer (USA) 
Targeted anti-cancer drugs
Sample patents:EP1639029 EP1112348 EP1024801
Arogyaswami Paulraj and team (India, USA)
Faster wireless connectivity
Sample patents:EP1198963 , EP1240730
Hugh Herr (USA)
Biomechatronic leg joints
Sample patents: EP1880694 , EP1255517, EP1267756

  • Lifetime achievement

Tore Curstedt (Sweden)
Helping newborn babies breathe
Sample patents: EP2185588, EP2078038, EP2152288
Anton van Zanten (Germany, The Netherlands) 
Electronic stability control for cars
Sample patents: EP0883537, EP0339356
Alain Carpentier (France) 
Implantable artificial heart
Sample patents: EP1867351, EP1867350, EP1855005
 See also the CARMAT heart patents herehere, here and here at Patents on the soles of your shoes

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