Thursday, January 16, 2014

Oh, patents! More CARMAT heart connections

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There are more than one CARMAT heart connections! The patent, US8075617, concerns a Device for connection between a prosthesis and the natural auricles, that is, a rigid prosthesis, implantable in the pericardial cavity, with artificial left and right ventricles, once the natural ventricles have been removed. The device comes in two parts, one part designed for connection to the patient’s left and right auricles, and the other part comprising the artificial left and right ventricles including openings with valves for communication with the artificial left and right ventricles, and means for a rapid latching connection, to the part already sutured to the patient’s left and right auricles.  The whole device is also intended to avoid torsion and compression of the connection to the patient’s auricles using a mobile and rotating suturing flange. 

The abstract for US8075617 is included below with a patent image of the two parts of the prosthesis and an image of the actual manufactured device.

Abstract US8075617

A device for connection between a heart prosthesis and a person's natural auricles includes a structure for joining to the natural auricles with individual suture attachments mounted so as to be free in rotation and movable. 

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