Friday, September 30, 2016

Happy International Translation Day!

Copyright Françoise Herrmann

The theme selected this year for celebrations is Connecting Worlds
As a reminder, International Translation Day is celebrated on Sept. 30th, on the Day of the Feast of St. Jerome, patron Saint of Translators. 

St. Jerome delivered the first complete Latin version of the bible, translated from Greek, which says much about the time-bound process of translation, considering the many subsequent versions of the world's best-seller. For an interesting discussion of this aspect of translation, see Paul Ricoeur On translation / Sur la traduction.

Ricoeur, P. (2004)  On Translation. Translated by Eileen Brennan. NY, NY: Rootledge
Ricoeur, P. (2004) Sur la traduction. Paris, France: Editions Bayard.

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