Thursday, September 8, 2016

Translation tool – Parallel sites (1)

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Some Internet sites are designed in ways that are particularly useful to translators. I am thinking of bilingual or pluri-lingual sites that offer completely parallel language universes. That is, you will find at these sites, usually in the upper right corner (but not always), a series of icons, a menu, or an option button through which you will be able to toggle into the parallel universe of another language.

The following site is a good example of these sorts of websites, which I encourage you to explore, for both linguistic and documentary research purposes connected to your translation work.

Canada Laws Website / Site Web de la législation (Justice)

In the upper right corner on the Canada Laws Website you will find the option “Français” allowing you to toggle into the Site Web de la législation (Justice), that is, the parallel French side of the site. Similarly, on the upper right-hand corner of the Site Web de la legislation (Justice), you will find the option “English” allowing you to toggle back into the English side.

This parallel design extends to all the hyperlinked content, sections and documents of the site, including laws… So, if your legal source text includes a particular citation, including chapter and verse, you will just need to find it on the cited side, and then toggle into the translation. 

Translation does not get that much easier! And the translations you will access will be 
Government of Canada - certified official translations too!
Still a bit more mileage with this amazing translation bonus tool. All of the Canadian institutional sites include parallel language designs, whether it is Canada Health / Santé Canada, or the AAFC – Agriculture and Agrifood Canada / Agriculture and Agroalimentaire Canada sites! 

Careful, though, the toggle options are sometimes located on a horizontal toolbar too...!

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