Monday, October 31, 2016

Oh, Patents! Trick or treat!

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Happy Halloween! Here's a patented treat for you! ­čĹá

US9022595 titled Illuminated Halloween candy container discloses an ornamentally designed jack-o'-lantern container with an isomophic internal container that is slightly smaller. The jack-o'-lantern contains three sets of LED lights. A first set of LED lights is included all around the rim of the container, functioning as floodlights for increased visibility. A second set of LED lights is included within the double walls of the lantern to make it glow, and a third set of LED lights is included for extra ornamental decoration within the walls of the lantern (e.g.; for the carved out eyes, nose and mouth of the jack-o'-lantern).

As a bonus the candy container may optionally include a digital media player, wedged between the walls of the container, with a control panel on the outside, enabling it to play music, and/or to optionally control the LED lights. The ornamental design of the candy container is not limited to a jack-o'-lantern. Within the context of Halloween, and of a candy container designed for Trick and Treating, the illuminated candy container may also be shaped as a bucket, a wolf’s head, or any other sort of festive head=shaped object.

The Abstract of this invention is included below with one of the US9022595 patent figure drawings showing the front and back of the jack-o'-lantern embodiment. The image of a glowing pumpkin jack-o'-lantern is also included above.  
An illuminated Halloween candy container that includes an open top, a rim, a handle, and a base, with a first container and a second container, the second container isomorphic with, but enlarged in respect to, the first container, the second container disposed surrounding and spaced apart from the first container, the second container joined to the first container by means of a rim plate disposed perimetrically around the rim, wherein a plurality of first, second, and third Light Emitting Diodes are included to respectively illuminate an ornamental pattern, floodlight for increased visibility, and illuminate a space between the first container and the second container, whereby the illuminated Halloween candy container is seen to glow, and a digital media player selectably plays recorded sounds, as desired.

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