Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Oh, patents! More R. López-Irizarry products

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More Puerto Rican coconut food products are disclosed in another Rámon López Irizarry patent!

US2712502 titled Method for producing food products from cocoanuts, granted in 1955, recites three additional sorts of food products derived from whole, tree-ripened, coconuts. The deliberate recitation of various different food manufacturing processes in a single patent actually resonates with a very modern concern for reducing waste and promoting sustainable manufacturing processes. Indeed, all three different processes are disclosed together in an explicit effort to make full use of the whole coconut without wasting all the byproducts that usually result from resorting to one process, separate from the other two processes. The disclosure recites:
Having in mind the defects of the prior art processes, it is the primary object of the present invention to provide a method for treating the meat and milk of fresh tree ripened cocoanuts to completely utilize the material and to provide pure fresh products therefrom. 
The three processes of the invention for the production of a flavoring extract, for the production of fresh solid food and for the production of pure virgin coconut oil, invoke a combination of the following steps: collecting the coconut milk and immediately pasteurizing it; collecting the flesh from the coconut and immediately comminuting it and then mixing it with 25% by weight of the comminuted flesh with alcohol or a mixture of alcohol and glycerol to prevent rancidity. The pasteurized milk and comminuted flesh are then combined and subjected to several extractions, filtrations and heating/cooling cycles, which will yield at various junctions: a filtrate for the flavoring extract, the separated fat for liquefying into two qualities of substantially colorless, odorless and tasteless pure coconut oil products, and the flesh residues from early extractions combined with unfiltered protein residues for uses as a food product for human consumption.

The processes of this invention thus eliminate all waste in the production of food products from cocoanuts. And consequently, the claims of the invention cover each of the processes invoked for obtaining the different sorts food products as well as a claim to the complete processing of the cocoanuts into the different sorts of food products.👠

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