Thursday, January 16, 2014

Oh, patents! Aerosoles® dual zipper boot

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Have you ever slipped into a pair of Aerosoles®? This is sheer comfort and true bliss! Indeed, quite literally  “diamonds on the soles of your shoes!”. Here’s why!

The company Aerogroup International has many design patents on file, and markets sole comfort technologies.  The diamond flex soles are designed to absorb impact and disperse pressure with all of the sole diamonds functioning as small shock absorbers! 

The heel rest technology is designed to distribute body weight away from the ball of the foot to the heel for higher heeled shoes.

And how about memory foam footbeds inserted inside the sole? This explains the cushion feel with every step.

Aerosoles® also offer extended calf technology! This is a boot with two zippers:  one zipper is designed to slip the boot on and off; the other zipper is designed to offer 2.5 inches of extra space to accommodate larger calves, thicker socks or tucked-in jeans. 

This expandable boot invention titled Dual Zipper boot construction and system is recited in the patent US8510972. Below appears the Abstract and a patent drawing, as well as an image of a marketed model called the Infamous!.

Abstract US8510972

A dual zipper boot construction provides an enhanced comfort-fit for a user and a ready adaptation of the boot to a variety different calf shapes without stressing the boot stitching. A first full-length zipper allows the users to easily slide the boot on while a second mid-length zipper is in an open condition thereby providing additional space. Securing the first full-length zipper secures the boot in position. After the boot is secured in position, the user zips the second mid-length zipper to an optimal comfort-fit position on their calf. Optional elastomeric bridges between the zipper edges of the mid-length zipper allow the boot to accommodate partially zipped uses without disclosing the user's calf and while providing an enhanced style appearance.

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