Monday, January 20, 2014

Oh, patents! BEABA® Baby food processor

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Got a little toddler ready for solid food? Want to make your own baby food? Try the Béaba® Babycook® (Pro) food processor, specially designed for preparing baby food --- with a single hand… considering baby is going to be watching your every move, comfortably straddled on your opposite hip!

Large and small capacity food processor enables easy steaming, heating and defrosting of food placed in a basket, and the appliance also has blades to puree the fruits, vegetables or meat. The appliance includes a timer and is designed  for single hand operation. 

There are two models:  Babycook® PRO has two steaming/cooking bowls for separate preparation of vegetables, meat or fruit. A single bowl Babycook® version also exists.  

The company’s flagship store in Paris, France has a whole line of accessories for child nutrition, including bottle warmers, bottle and nipple racks, spoons and cutlery, plus much, much more!.

The abstract for US20013146045 titled Device for cooking and/or heating food is included below as well as two patent drawings and an Image of the larger Pro marketed model.

Abstract US20013146045 

A device for heating and/or cooking food, and especially baby food, including: at least one steam generator, comprising a bowl capable of receiving water, intended to tum water into steam for heating or cooking the food; at least one cooking and/or heating container, communicating with said steam generator, and receiving a removable cooking basket, capable of receiving the food to be heated and/or to be cooked; at least one closing means capable of closing the cooking and/or heating container, said means also simultaneously and reversibly closing the cooking and/or heating container and the steam generator bowl.
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