Saturday, January 4, 2014

Older sibling blogs for Patents on the soles of your shoes

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The following are two big brother blogs for Patents on the soles of your shoes brought to you both by librarians, experts at patent searching, and at finding the most wonderful, whimsical or strange patents ever filed.


The Patent Search Blog – Steven van Dulken ‘s blog on patents and IP
This blog is written by an information search expert who worked for the British Library for more than 35 years. Mr. van Dulken retired in April 2013, but is still active as a private information search specialist and continues to blog at Blogger: The Patent Search Blog
The latest Jan 3, 2014 post is about the Mills bomb patent, the first modern fragmentation grenade..... which is one way to start the new year with a huge bang! J

The Patent Librarian’s Notebook by Steven white
This blog is written by a librarian for research services at the Engineering and Science Library at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, since 1991 and previously for the USPTO. 
The latest Dec. 31, 2013 post compiles some useful 2013 USPTO statistics, which will give you a glimpse of activity at the USPTO, and save you the time spent on examining all the USPTO statistical dashboards. This is a “year in review” tradition on this blog, where you will also find posts about the “humble egg carton” patents, and toy puzzle patents for children.

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