Monday, January 6, 2014

Oh, patents! Google strips....

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Trust Google, Inc., to change the world and to bring in new modes of communication!  Here’s another one of these brilliant ideas

Patent US 8621366, titled Self-creation of comic strips in social networks and other communications, awarded just a few days ago, on December 31, 2013 to Satish Kumar Sampath in the UK, and assigned to Google, Inc. in Mountain view, brings you the capacity to communicate in comic strips on social networks, without having to resort to another program or third party site. 
Embedded pictures and videos were a great improvement on plain text…  But, now you can try out your expression in comic strips! The patent discloses how to embed a comic strip generator into a social media platform so that you can easily say it all much more succinctly in bubbles, and disguised as your favorite alter ego.

The Abstract and cover page drawing for US8621366 sum it all up really nicely:

Abstract US8621366
"Commununications to be shared on social networks and other electronic modes of communication are presented in comic strip form. The comic strips are created with a simplified user interface and are formatted to be well-suited for display on a selected social network or other electronic facility. The comic strips are displayed in an embedded form directly in the social network or other facility, without the need for a user to go to a separate site to view the comic strip".

So, once this application has gone viral on the social networks, just proceed per the Figure 4 algorithm:  “Select a theme for comic strip; Enter a title for comic strip; Enter text for comic strip; Preview the comic strip; Share the comic strip” as illustrated in Figure 5 of the patent below, and you probably can stay home for the day!

Personally, I cannot wait for launch day!

 I also hope this application will be seamlessly embedded in Blogger and Chrome! It will beat jpeg-ing  bubbles  for wraparound text. 

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