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EPO Awards 2016 – CARMAT redux

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Among the contenders for a 2016 European Patent Award, you will find in the LifeTime Achievement category, the cardiologist, Professor Alain Carpentier, inventor of the CARMAT heart.

Yes, this is an autonomous  prosthetic heart, complete with electronics as sophisticated as those used in aeronautics.  And yes aeronautics since this a heart arising out of an unusual collaboration between the medical establishment (Pr. CARpentier) and MATRA the French aviation, aeronautics and car constructor! CAR + MAT, also became a company!

The first CARMAT heart was implanted on December 18, 2013, marking the onset of Phase II trials with terminally ill volunteer patients. To date, 4 patients have received a CARMAT heart, with one patient surviving as long as 9 months. [Le Monde]

Ladies & Gentlemen, It's all French...
Blue blood on one side
Red blood on the other. 
And, no false-pretense..!
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The CARMAT prosthesis subsumes many different patents for each of its innovative parts, in particular  the new bioplastic materials and their method of production, the miniaturized sensors, actuators and ejectors, the rotary pump, the specific hydraulics, the embedded program controls, the fuel cell, plus more.

A few of the CARMAT patents were presented here two years ago, at Patents on the soles of your shoes, at the time of the first CARMAT transplant. [See references below for a list of the CARMAT posts]

Bonne chance Professor Carpentier!

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