Friday, May 13, 2016

Oh patents! Christian Louboutin (2)

Copyright © Françoise Herrmann

Perhaps that every star shoe designer is also an extraordinary artist.... 
In any event, this is the case for Christian Louboutin. Here are a few of Louboutin’s signature women’s shoe drawings. 
 Louboutin - Un zipped
 Louboutin - Le modèle NEURON
 Louboutin - Resille-Botte Alta-Dentelle
Louboutin - L'espad Isabelle 
Louboutin - And I said Bow, Bow, Bow
 Louboutin - Lady Grés 
Louboutin - Isolde
Louboutin - La Pluminette
 Louboutin - Pensée et là je re semelle rouge.

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