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Oh, patents (and trademarks) - Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton malle-armoire
Luxury! Oooh la la!

Louis Vuitton filed his famous “LV“ trademark on March 16 1885, and his first patent FR163513 for a travel trunk on May 15 1885, that is, 131 years ago! [INPI - Trésors]

Since then, the famous luggage maker  (and his sons)-- Louis Vuitton Malletier et Fils -- have filed more than 200 hundred patents at L’INPI, France’s national patent office, expanding the company's product line,  both  horizontally and vertically. 

With his first patent, Louis Vuitton seized the day, inventing a light-weight trunk designed for travel at a time when trunks were designed out of wood,  like heavyweight treasure chests.

Scroll forward and FR457297, titled - Malle–Armoire (closet-trunk), granted on July 9, 1913, comes a little later as luggage designed to keep clothes wrinkle-free and of easy access to users during travel. 

The French patent FR457297 recites the design of a frame for hanging clothes lodged within a trunk, which pivots out of the trunk, for easy access to the clothes. Specification of the hardware includes means of attaching and rotating the frame, means of hanging the clothes and of securing them inside the trunk when it is closed, and tipped back to a horizontal position. 

The patent Figure No. 3  of this vintage gem in included 
below.  And, an image of the Louis Vuitton malle-armoire (closet-trunk) is included above, the variations of which, relative to the specifications of FR457297, might still fall within the scope of the possible embodiments of the invention or improvements thereof. 

Figure 3 - FR457297

INPI - Institut National de la Propriété Intellectuelle 
INPI – Trésors

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