Thursday, January 7, 2016

Now at CES2016 in Las Vegas, CA (Jan 6-9, 2016)

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CES - Consumer Electronic Show!

Since 1967, CES – the year's biggest Consumer Electronics Show -- has unveiled some of the most popular and game-changing technology on earth…  Indeed, items such as VCRs in 1970, CD players in 1981, DVDs in 1996 and digital radio in 2000 have all been unveiled at CES.  And this year is no exception. 

3673 companies are exhibiting at CES in Las Vagas this year, including 375 startups.  82% of Fortune 100 companies and 83% of top retailers are represented. 170,000 attendees from 153 countries are expected January 6-9. [CES by the numbers] And for anyone who misses Las Vegas…  CES Asia will be held for the second time in Shanghai, May 10-13.

CES 2016 in Las Vegas is patent heaven!...  Take new wearable tech such as  Belty Good Vibes (a smart belt and trainer), DietSensor (a nutrition coach equipped with a molecular food sensor), Oura a smart ring and coach;  Sensorwake, the first olfactory alarm clock that diffuses scents and wakes you up to the smell of coffee and croissants, IGrow®an FDA-approved, clinically tested laser hair growth headset; and driverless cars here already, and here to stay, with major car manufacturers such as Toyota, Ford and TESLA entering the autonomous car R and D playing field to develop and support new and much smaller radars such as the “UltraPuck” LiDar (light and radar sensor ) with 3D-imaging, and more expanded driving scenario programs.

All of this, and much more, is happening in Las Vegas... right now!

CES Asia
CES by the numbers
Velodyne LiDar Ultrapuck
Oura ring
Belty Good Vibes

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