Friday, January 22, 2016

Oh, patents! Chipolo tracking tags

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The rainbow-colored palette of Chipolo tracking tags is designed to assist you in finding, and prevent you from losing, valuable items, such as your keys, your cell phone or your bike! 

Embodying tracking technology such as that which is disclosed in the patent application US2010283600, Chipolo tracking tags consist of small, energy efficient, Bluetooth-enabled, lithium cell CR battery-operated tags, containing a small microprocessor and a program that executes inside the tags.  

Once you have downloaded the proprietary Chipolo app to your mobile phone, your Chipolo tag will sync with it, and you will always be able to track the whereabouts of your tagged items. For example, all you will need to do if you misplaced your keys is to ring them, tapping on the Chipolo tag icon appearing on the Chipolo app.

If your tagged valuable is out of Bluetooth range then you can tap into the community of Chipolo tag users, using crowd GPS functionalities, to see if your item will sync with someone else’s Chipolo app, so that you can see where your tagged belonging is located.

And if it is your mobile phone that is missing, you can use any Chipolo tag that you own to make your mobile phone ring, even if it is turned off! All you have to do is shake your Chipolo tag.

Considering Tiles and Trackr tracking tags…here's what's different....!

Beyond the vibrantly colored design, Chipolo uggests you shake your Chipolo tag in front of the Chipolo app, as soon as you find a tagged misplaced valuable using the  Chipolo tracking system… This will generate a selfie that you can add to the community Hall of Finders, using the hashtag #ChipoloSelfie, and it will no doubt capture your 'appiness! 

The Chipolo app also offers to find your mobile programmable devices without purchasing a Chipolo tag! Just download to your devices, and tap to ring your missing tablet or mobile phone! 


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