Saturday, January 9, 2016

My favorite at CES 2016 - The Codeapillar™

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The Fisher Price Codeapillar™ is coming soon!

It’s a cate
rpillar-looking toy that teaches kids 3 to 8 the basics of programming, intuitively that is!

This adorable little critter’s body comes in 8 different segments, each of which can be connected to, and disconnected from, another segment via USB connector, and each of which has a different color, sound, light and function. 

Thus, depending on the sequence and number of connected segments that are executed, the caterpillar will do different things in different orders.  There are even additional segments that can be purchased separately, as extension kits for more caterpillar functions!

The beauty of this pet Codeapillar™, beyond the multiple possibilities of what it can do and how cute it looks, is that it really can be used by toddlers as small as 3. Indeed, little toddlers will have fun connecting and disconnecting the segments, perhaps being already familiar with snap-and-lock plastic segments. And no doubt that they will be making connections of their own with all the functions, while delighting in all the sounds, lights and colors, when the Codeapillar™ executes them all !

The Codeapillar™ will cost $50 when it becomes available later in the year, apparently in June 2016..

Take a peek at the Fisher Price marketing video, using the below-referenced link. You will be enchanted too!

Fisher Price Codeapillar™

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