Saturday, January 30, 2016

Oh, patents! John Logie Baird – Autobiography & Memoirs

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No. 2 

Now that you might have perused, in previous posts, more than 200 John Logie Baird patents, you might be interested in discovering the early story of television in the inventor’s own words!

In this case, there are two official autobiographies: 

No. 1  
The  first autobiography is titled Sermons Soap and Television. The second autobiography was edited and augmented by the inventor's son, Malcolm Baird, and it contains an extra, previously
unpublished chapter. 

Baird, J.L. (1988) Sermons Soap and Television. London, UK: The Royal Television Society. 
Baird, J.L. (2004) Television and me: Memoirs of JL Baird. Edinburgh, UK: Mercat Press. 

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