Thursday, January 21, 2016

Oh, patents! The Trackr tracking tags

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If you thought that tracking tag Tiles were your only embodied option for such tracking technology as that which is disclosed in US2010283600, designed for preventing the loss of your most valuable possessions, then surf some more! 

There are more than one --even two or three - small, low-energy, Bluetooth-enabled tracker tags with built-in microprocessors, a lithium cell CR battery and an executable application that periodically synchs with your cell phone, available to assist you in locating your glasses, your keys, your purse or wallet!   
ITRW [In The Real World] then, consider for example the Trackr, a tracking tag made of stainless steel that comes in various colors, and most importantly in various forms such as sticker pucks, key rings or an ultra thin wallet option, enabling you to tag the indispensable objects of your everyday life such as your glasses, your purse or wallet, your keys or your pooch, so that you may retrieve them and ultimately avoid ever losing them again!

The Trackr tag (called Trackr Bravo), the Trackr Wallet, the Trackr key ring or The Trackr tag sticker all synch with a proprietary Trackr app downloaded to your Iphone or other mobile programmable devices. In turn, you will be able to call all your tagged valuables displayed as icons on your cell phone app, and thus locate them.

Similarly, in the event that it is your iPhone, or other mobile  programmable device, that is misplaced you can then press any Trakr tag you own to make your Iphone or other programmable device beep lourdly at 90 dB, even if your cell phone sound is off and the device is turned off!. 

And finally, if you still cannot find your possessions because they are out of Bluetooth range, you can always tap into the network of Trackr tech users to see if your lost item can synch to another Trackr app, and thus show you its whereabouts using crowd GPS functionalities!

So what's the Trackr difference? Trackr Bravo is made of stainless steel where other tracking tags are made of plastic. The battery inside Trackr tags can be changed, at minimal cost. And the Trackr design comes in several slick variations: as a sticker puck, a keyring, an ultra thin wallet tag and as a a super Atlas Trackr that plugs into an outlet, thus enabling you to track all the tagged items in your house! 


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