Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Oh, Google Doodle! John Logie Baird

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Take a peek at today’s Google Doodle celebrating the 90th anniversary of the first mechanical TV demonstration. 

Indeed, John Logie Baird, the Scottish Superstar engineer,  first demonstrated a working  mechanical TV system on Jan 26, 1926, and then through many subequent improvements to the original system, the first electronic color television picture tube! 

A quick search for his name at the European Patent Office returns no less than 210 patents (including 162 British patents and the remaining filed in France, Germany, Switzerland and Canada)!

Below you will find a hyperlinked list of the four British (GB) TV patents which gave rise to the 206 subsequent TV improvement patents, during the course of 20 years from 1926 to 1946: 
- GB230576 (A) ― 1925-03-19 - A system of transmitting views by means of telegraphy or wireless telegraphy 

- GB235619 (A) ― 1925-06-12 - A system of overcoming the time lag in a selenium or other light-sensitive cell used in a television or like system  
- GB236978 (A) ― 1925-07-17 - A system of transmitting views portraits and scenes by telegraphy or wireless telegraphy  
- GB269658 (A) ― 1927-04-20 - Apparatus for the transmission of views, scenes or images to a distance

Google Doodles - Jan. 26, 2016 - 90th anniversary of the first mechanical tv demo
EPO - European Patent Office
Wikipedia - John Logie Baird

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