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Oh, patents! Playmobil® Klicky anatomy

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The original Hans Beck Klicky invention is recited, in English, in the British patent GB1385653 (A), titled Toy or model figure. This patent is one of a family of 4 patents that includes the original German patent, and the French and Italien versions (listed below):
  • DE2205525 (A1) ― 1973-08-09 - Spielzeugfigur 
  • FR2170781 (A5) ― 1973-09-14 - Figurine-jouet
  • IT978731 (B) ― 1974-09-20 - Figura giocattol

The invention anatomy of the Hans Beck toy or model figure comprises, for example:
  • Klicky’s flat head (26) with a latching ridge (29) at the hairline for a wig, a hat or other headgear, equipped with latch-able means
  • Klicky’s head (26) and neck (27), preferably produced as a single piece
  • Klicky’s semi-circular, U-shaped hands with one bent  shorter thumb side (22), and one bent longer finger side (23), which enable Klicky to hold portable objects, and to grip various surfaces that are easily clicked in and out of the hollow U-space (21)
  • Klicky’s two legs (39 & 40) forming a single unit that is inserted into the body opening, and mounted on two tabs (7 & 8), extending downwards from a plate (2) within the  torso (31)
  • Klicky’s torso (31) with openings for the head (26), the arms (10 & 11) and lower limbs (39 & 40), and a rear portion (35) extending lower than the front portion (36) to enable Klicky to sit
  • The click-in locking means for connecting the head (26), and the upper (10 & 11) and lower (39 & 40) limbs, to the torso (31), so that the various parts cannot be easily pulled apart, while still enabling them to rotate
  • The pivots (15 & 16) attached to the arms (10 &11), enabling them to click into prongs (13 & 14) and rotate, within the torso (31)
  • The rounded portions (43 & 44) of the legs, cooperating with tabs (7 & 8)  to connect the legs to the torso, while enabling Klicky to stand and to sit, with legs swung to a 90-degree position, relative to the torso.(31). 
Below, the anatomical figure drawing extracted from the patent, together with an image a fragmented Klicky, showing the toy’s anatomical parts.

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