Thursday, April 5, 2018

Oh, patents! UGG® boot pocket

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Your favorite pair of UGG® winter boots might be your favorite pair of Spring boots this year.  Brrrr! In 2018, it is still snowing in Washington DC, in April…!

Since 1978, soft sheepskin UGG® boots have rolled out in many different styles, in every color of the rainbow, pastels included, with bows, buckles, buttons and Velcro® fasteners, in collaboration with famous designers such as Jimmy Choo, or famous athletes such the American football quarterback Tom Brady. From Southern California to Soho in NYC, Paris, London, Venice (Italy), Japan and 50 stores in China, UGG® boots, and more UGG®-wear, have conquered the world!

However, only the Big Kid UGG® Houndstooth boot is equipped with a secret patented pocket, just inside the leg lining of the right boot. 

The UGG® Houndstooth boot stow pocket, designed to keep portable devices safe, is recited in the US patent application US20110225849A1, titled Pocket System. 

The abstract of the patent application is included below, together with one of the patent drawings, showing a top plan view of the pocket inside the lining of the right boot, and a top plan view a marketed UGG® Houndstooth boot, also showing the hidden pocket

A pocket system including a pocket inside the leg portion of a boot, wherein the leg portion provides an interior space between the leg portion of the boot and a leg of a wearer of the boot suitable for tucking-in a leg of a trouser, and the pocket is so constructed and arranged to receive insertion and removal of a PDA, and to surround the same for safekeeping. An embodiment of the pocket system comprises a removable lining serving as a purse or wallet [Abstract US20110225849A1]

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