Thursday, April 19, 2018

Oh, patents! Playmobil®'s Klicky

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Klicky is 3 inches tall, has a big smile and no nose!  Klicky bends and has hands that are designed to grip with wrists that rotate Klicky was created by Hans Beck, a German cabinetmaker-turned-toy-designer, for what became the Playmobil® sets in the early 1970s. 

Since the original Klicky, hundreds of different Klikies have been designed and produced: medieval knights, gods, Vikings, witches, goblins, Pharoes, fairies, pirates, construction workers, doctors, nurses, Santa Claus, explorers, teachers, pilots, policemen and policewomen, pop stars, zookeepers, circus acrobats and lion tamers -- in hundreds of Playmobil® sets.

Klicky is patented. One of the orginal and expired 1970s Klicky patents, CA40866S titled Toy human figure, is a Canadian Design patent. The three patent figure drawings are included below, together with the image of vintage 1970s Klicky cowboys.

If you have a kid brother or sister, a niece or nephew, kids or grandkids of your own, and would like to explore the world of Klickies and Playmobil® sets, visit Playmodb – The Unofficial Database for Playmobil® toys, or KilickyPedia: The Definitive Playmobil® Pedia. KlickyPedia is a multilingual site, in Spanish, French, German and English.

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