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The 2018 EPO Award Finalists

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Each year, since 2006, the EPO (European Patent Office), selects 15 finalists in the 5 categories of Research, Industry, Small & Medium Enterprise, Non-member of the EPO and Lifetime Achievement.

 A sixth popular award also exists where everyone, you and I included, might vote to select a winner among the 15 finalists. The rules are such that the popular voters may cast one vote each day, up to June 3, 2018 (this year).

All the winners, recipients of the awards in each of the six categories, are announced during the EPO Awards ceremony, which will take place on June 7th, 2018, this year in Saint-Germain–en-Laye, in France.  The winners will receive a trophy, traditionally locally crafted, and much publicity for their inventions.

The recently announced 2018 finalists introduced in the above video, and their groundbreaking patented inventions, in each of the five categories, are the following:

Erik Loopstra (Netherlands) and Vadim Banine (Netherlands/Russia): EUV lithography for smaller, more powerful microchips
  • EP2465012 (A1) ― 2012-06-20 - Lithographic apparatus and method
  • EP2480936 (A1) ― 2012-08-01 -Source collector apparatus, lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method  
  • EP2170021 (A2) ― 2010-03-31- Source module, radiation source and lithographic apparatus

Gaute Munch, Erik Hansen and team (Denmark): LEGO programmable robots

Agnès Poulbot and Jacques Barraud† (France): Auto-regenerating tyre tread

Jens Frahm (Germany): Faster, real-time MRI
  • EP0191431 (A2) ― 1986-08-20 - Method and device for rapid acquisition of spin resonance data for a space-resolved examination of an object.  
  • EP0184840 (A1) ― 1986-06-18 - Arrangement for the spatially resolved inspection of a sample by means of magnetic resonance of spin moments.
  • EP2699926 (A1) ― 2014-02-26 - Spatially encoded phase-contrast MRI

Eileen Ingham and John Fisher CBE (United Kingdom): Donor tissue without rejection
  • EP1392372 (A1) ― 2004-03-03 - Decellularisation of matrice
  • EP2094325 (A2) ― 2009-09-02 - Preparation of tissue for meniscal implantation
  • EP1624922 (A1) ― 2006-02-15 - Ultrasonic modification of soft tissue matrices  

Jacek Jemielity, Joanna Kowalska, Edward Darżynkiewicz and team (Poland): Stabilising messenger RNA
  • EP2167523 (A2) ― 2010-03-31 - Synthesis and use of anti-reverse phosphorothioate analogs of the messenger RNA cap
  • EP2297175 (A2) ― 2011-03-23 - MRNA cap analogs

Non-EPO countries
Stephen Dewar (Canada), Philip Watts (United States/Canada) and Frank Fish (United States): Turbines and fans inspired by whales
  • EP1805412 (A1) ― 2007-07-11 - Turbine and compressor employing tubercle leading edge rotor design

Alex Kipman (Brazil): HoloLens: mixed reality smart glasses
  • EP3028121 (A1) ― 2016-06-08 - Mixed reality graduated information delivery 

Esther Sans Takeuchi (United States): Batteries to reset the heart
  • EP1215175 (A1) ― 2002-06-19 - Preparation of epsilon-phase silver vanadium oxide (SVO) from gamma-phase SVO starting material  
  • EP1816692 (A1) ― 2007-08-08 - Lithium/fluorinated carbon cell for high-rate pulsatile applications

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
Mehrdad Mahdjoubi (Sweden): Closed-loop shower
  •  EP2793667 (A1) ― 2014-10-29 - Device for purifying and recycling shower water 

Jane ní Dhulchaointigh and team (Ireland): Sugru: multi-purpose mouldable glue

  • EP2089465 (A1) ― 2009-08-19 - Room temperature curable silicone elastomer composition 

Thomas Scheibel (Germany): Artificial spider silk
  • EP2021361 (A1) ― 2009-02-11 - Microfluidic device for controlled aggregation of spider silk 
  • EP2013290 (A1) ― 2009-01-14 - Multilayer silk protein films  
  • EP1948684 (A1) ― 2008-07-30 - Production of recombinant collagen-like proteins 

Lifetime achievement
Ursula Keller (Switzerland): Ultrafast pulsed lasers
  • EP1735681 (A1) ― 2006-12-27 - Surface emitting laser with an integrated absorber  
  • EP1456916 (A2) ― 2004-09-15- Semiconductor saturable absorber mirror device

Jacques Lewiner (France): Smoke alarm, internet connections, secure key cards and many more
  • EP0034077 (A2) ― 1981-08-19 - Composite sheets containing electromechanical transducers, and transducers comprising such sheets. 
  • EP0236223 (A1) ― 1987-09-09 - Ionization chamber smoke detector
  • EP0169150 (A1) ― 1986-01-22 - Coded lock device, especially with a keyboard. 

Henrik Stiesdal (Denmark): Offshore wind farms
  •  EP1101935 (A2) ― 2001-05-23 - Method and vessel for installation of off-shore windmills

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