Friday, April 6, 2018

Oh, patents! UGG® boot wrap

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If you would like to give your UGG® boots a new look, more slip resistance, or even just a bit more height, then you might splurge on some boot wraps, also called boot sole covers. These spare soles slip onto the outsoles of your boots, just like a cell phone cover, giving them a more personalized appearance and style. A 21stcentury take on galoshes, UGG®  boot wraps come in a palette of neon colors, camo, leopard or zebra stripe prints!
The 21st century UGG® boot galosh is also an invention, recited in US patent application US2016/0088897A1  titled - Sole shoe wearable over boot. The abstract of this invention is included below, together with a patent drawing showing an explanation view of how the slip-on sole is worn over a boot. An image of UGG® boots all dressed up with the manufactured spare sole product is included above. 
A sole shoe wearable over a boot includes: a sole having a top surface, a bottom surface and a sole edge line forming a first loop; a flange extending upwardly from and along the sole edge line to fonn a second loop above the first loop. where a groove is formed in an outer surface of the flange and along the sole edge line; and a grid structure fanned in cross of side to side horizontal plates and front to rear vertical plates, on a rear part of the sole top surface, where a cross support is formed on and around each cross of the horizontal and vertical plates, where the horizontal and vertical plates are substantially incremental in height from around a center of the sole top surface toward the rear part of the sole top surface. [Abstract US 2016/0088897 A1]

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